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Stephen A. Halperin - President

Stephen A. HalperinStephen A. Halperin
President and Founder of Stephen Halperin & Associates, Ltd.

When seeking ESD training, you want the best. Stephen Halperin has over 30 years of industrial experience in controlling the effects of electrostatic discharge in complex applications. His background includes an undergraduate degree in Industrial Management, postgraduate work in the field of organizational communication sciences, six years of nuclear technology, and many years’ industrial manufacturing operations and management experience.Mr. Halperin formed Stephen Halperin & Associates, Limited (SH&A) in 1983, a management consulting firm specializing in electrostatic problem analysis, laboratory testing, training and static control product design. In 1992, he established Prostat Corporation for the design and manufacture of high performance electrostatic auditing instruments and ESD control materials.

Mr. Halperin is known for his work in facility and process evaluation, static control techniques for highly sensitive environments, excellence in providing auditor training, and his many contributions to the growth of the electrostatics industry and Electrostatic Discharge Association. He has lectured and consulted on static control throughout North America, Europe and the Far East, and has provided electrostatic advisory services to major corporations in several industries including Food, Drug, Chemical, Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics and Military applications.He is a charter member of the ESD Association (ESDA), has served several terms as an elected member of the ESDA Board of Directors, and over the years, chaired Local Chapter Development, Education, Professional Certification, and Standards committees. Mr. Halperin was elected to the ESDA office of Vice President in 1999, served consecutive terms as Senior Vice President and President.

As a member of the Electronics Industries Association’s committee for Packaging Electronic Products for Shipment (PEPS) he served over 7 years on their Static Control Task Force #1, and participated in the development of the EIA-541 Packaging Standard. Mr. Halperin has been a long-term supporter of the Electrostatic Society of America (ESA), has been active in the ESD Symposium, and is the former Technical Advisor to ANSI’s USNC/IEC Committee. He is a recipient of the EOS/ESD Symposium’s Outstanding Paper Award, and was honored to receive the Association’s Outstanding Contribution Award for his work on behalf of industry. He is also the grateful recipient of the Joel P. Wiedendorf Memorial Award for his many ESDA Standards contributions. Mr. Halperin has delivered several papers on electrostatics and authored over 100 articles on related subjects. He is iNARTE certified as an Engineer and Technician, a Certified ESD Program Manager Instructor, and selected as Chief ESD Coordinator and instructor for the Reliability Center of Japan (RCJ). Today, he is one of the industry’s strongest supporters of ESD education and the implementation of S20.20 ESD and IEC 61340 program standards to enhance industry’s product reliability, productivity and profitability.

Stephen Halperin have been certified as Chief ESD Coordinators and instructors for the Reliability Center of Japan.

Halperin&Associates provide a number of ESD-related certification programs. Please take the time to peruse the website.


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