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Auditor Training ESD Facility Auditing

Effective ESD control programs start with and are maintained through regular facility and process evaluation and auditing programs. They help you identify problems and provide the information you need for corrective action and continuous improvement. We offer a great auditor training program that will provide your administration and staff with education that is vital for understanding static control.

With over 20 years of static control experience in analyzing process and facility problems, SH&A offers the most advanced level of evaluation and auditing services available in today's market. Whether identifying the cause of ESD and other static related problems, or auditing a plant for pre-certification to the ANSI/ESD S20.20 ESD Program Standard or customer's requirements, SH&A can provide a qualified team to satisfy your needs. In addition to providing you with static control services, we offer ESD training to educate industry professionals who may require certification.

Detailed Process & Facility Evaluation

Evaluation of a manufacturing facility typically has the following objectives:

  • Finding the cause(s) of difficult ESD problems
  • Determining the level of ESD control relative to device sensitivity, and assessing ESD controls
  • Defining ESD controls requirements and facility improvements needed to protect sensitive devices & assemblies

The Facility Evaluation process begins with a general assessment of operational problems, equipment concerns, device sensitivities where appropriate, plant layout and management concerns. This sets the tone for answering the question, "What are we looking for?" or "How serious is the problem?"

Auditor Training On-Site Investigation

Once the preliminaries are completed, SH&A initiates an on-site investigation by:

  1. Touring the facility or process from end to end
  2. Holding introductory orientation meetings with management and supervisory personnel
  3. Performing detailed evaluation of all ESD related elements within the facility, or related to the process
  4. Holding summary report meetings at the end of each day on site Optionally preparing a comprehensive report that includes all analysis procedures, data, findings and recommendation
  5. Armed with this information, you can then implement a cost effective ESD control program that helps improve yields, productivity, and financial performance.

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