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The SH&A laboratory performs several levels and types of measurements to meet industry and corporate standards. Every material or product submitted for analysis is properly prepared and preconditioned before tests are conducted. All tests are carried out under controlled conditions to industry or the client's requirements.

Flooring: Charge Generation and Probability Analysis using published SH&A methods, and resistance characterization to the following standards and guidelines:

ESD-STM 7.1-2001 Resistance Characterization of Floor Materials

ESD STM 97.1-1999 Floor Materials and Footwear – Resistance in Combination with a Person

ESD STM 97.2-1999 Floor Materials and Footwear – Voltage Measurement in Combination with a Person as well as NFPA-99 and ASTM F-150 and others

Worksurfaces: Charge Generation (Bellcore, Modified Inclined Plane), resistance characterization and suppression analysis including:

ESD S4.1-1997 Worksurfaces – Resistance Measurements

ANSI/ESD STM 4.2-1998 ESD Protective Worksurfaces Charge Dissipation Characteristics (As adapted by SH&A)

Garments: Resistance Characterization and can provide Suppression and Decay Analysis (Charge Movement).

ESD STM 2.1-1997 Garments

Equipment: Including chairs, carts, assembly, cleaning and other manufacturing equipment: charge generation analysis, continuity and ESD grounding.

ESD STM 12.1-1997 Seating -- Resistive Measurement

Ionization: Static Decay Analysis and balance (offset voltage), ion current and air velocity measurement, including:

ESD STM 3.1-2000 Ionization

Footwear: Charge Generation Probability Analysis (SH&A), resistance characterization per ANSI/ESD-STM 9.1-2001 Footwear – Resistive Characterization, ANSI Z-41, and other corporate standards. Also see Flooring above.

Raw Materials: for materials used to manufacture finished goods, including resistance characterization (all types), decay analysis (all types including charge movement per SH&A), charge generation analysis (as appropriate), Faraday shielding and electrostatic discharge shielding.

Production Aids: including hand tools, fixtures, tote boxes, trays, solvents, tapes and other materials & devices. Test and evaluation includes the entire range of SH&A capabilities in resistance characterization, charge generation analysis, decay, charge movement, and functional test methods.

Packaging: Including Films (wraps, bags, multi-laminates, etc.)

Charge Generation Analysis:

ESD ADV 2 Triboelectric Advisory
Combined ASTM & EIA (vibration & transport)
Other techniques as may be apporpriate

Resistance Characterization:

Surface resistance/resistivity per ANSI/ESD STM 11.11 Volume resistivity per ANSI/ESD STM 11.12 Point to point analysis, Micro and Two Point Probe per various ESDA and ASTM standards, including ESD STM 11.13 Point to ground analysis per various ESDA standards

Electrostatic Decay Analysis:

FTS 101 C, Method 4046.1
SH&A charge movement analysis

Capacitive Probe Analysis:

 ANSI/ESD STM 11.31, Discharge Shielding, (an Energy measurement)
Specifically configured discharge shielding measurements, including EIA-541 Appendix E, Differential Voltage available upon request.

Specialized sample conditioning, preparation and a variety of custom testing are also available.


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